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SDVC22-S (5A) Variable Voltage Digital Controller for Vibratory Feeder

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  • Automatic Voltage Regulation:The internal digital voltage regulation circuit can reduce feed speed variation caused by mains voltage fluctuation.

  • Time Adjustable Soft Start:The controller will gently increase output voltage from 0 to the preset value when power on to avoid sudden shake. Soft start time can be digitally preset.

  • Preset Speeds: 4 feed speeds can be preset, stored and outputted by connecting external short-circuit signals.

  • Dual Switch Sensor ON/OFF Control:2 NPN switch sensors or PLCs can be connected to turn on/off the controller.

  • Photoelectric Sensor ON/OFF Control:The CUH Intelligent Photoelectric Sensor can be connected to turn on/off the controller.

  • Remote Speed Control: Output Voltage of the controller can be adjusted remotely by an external potentiometer, a PLC, or a 1-5V DC signal.

  • DC Control Output:The controller can output low voltage DC power associated with ON/OFF Control of the controller to drive a solenoid or other external devices.

  • Overheat Protection:If internal temperature of the controller gets too high,the controller will stop its output to protect itself.

  • Overcurrent Protection: If output current exceeds its rated value,the controller will stop its output to protect itself and the load.

  • Overvoltage Protection: If input voltage is too high, power supply of the controller will be shutdown automatically to protect itself.

  • Fuse-Short Circuit Protection: If output of the controller is short-circuited,the fuse inside will be blown to protect the controller and the load.

  • Max Adjustable Output Voltage:Max Adjustable Output Voltage can be preset to protect the load from damage caused by too high voltage.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Dimensions:111*76*48.5(L*W*H, mm)

  • Weight:285g (without accessory)

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